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Future Supply Chain 2016

Serving Consumers in a Sustainable Way
Future Supply Chain

Feeding the city: solutions beyond the FSC 2016?

In the upcoming BioVision conference in Lyon (March 8-11), the Future Supply Chain 2016 report will be represented in the panel discussion on ‘feeding the city’. The detail of the discussion can be found on the conference website, but it is interesting to see how some of the themes of the FSC 2016 report will be taken one step further. 

Under the header of urban agriculture, local sourcing is taken to its logical conclusion and brought as close to the consumer as possible. The solutions can be as well established as allotment gardens and as advanced as the 3D city farms. Growing food in these environments can be done in modern ways using hydro culture, but even less technical solutions can give us a new perspective on the future role of agriculture. Originally, urbanisation meant that agriculture had to disappear in favour of concrete buildings. It may now find a way back to the city for very good reasons!